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HERA 2030 Agenda


HERA COVID-Related Research Goals

Environmental drivers of SARS-cov2 emergence and spread

Health impact of COVID-19 and environmental stressors

Integrated socio-economic, political and health implications of COVID-19 and intervention strategies

HERA Research Goals Identified in HERA Interim Agenda

Reduce the effects of climate change

and ecological degradation on health.

Eliminating environmental exposures harmful to health  

Promoting healthy lives in sustainable and inclusive societies

Improve HIA of environmental factors and promote intervention research

New infrastructures and technologies to understand environmental impacts in health

Supporting transformational change approaches in environment and health


What HERA Will Do

HERA connects environment, health and climate communities, sectors and policy areas for the interdisciplinary international research cooperation.

HERA carries out national, regional, and European consultations with researchers and all other relevant stakeholders to address environment, ecosystem quality, climate and health research needs and gaps.

HERA will create a midterm European Health and Environment Research Agenda 2020-2030 that will encourage development of targeted transdisciplinary research.




Working hard to prepare the Health and Environment Research Agenda 2020-2030.




Including an international organization and a European NGO.




European, National and Regional.

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