3 DAYS to GO Until Biodiversity and Health Webinar

Much awaited webinar no.4 from the Research for the EU Green Deal series organized by the HERA project (www.heraresearcheu.eu) is ready for you.

Join us on Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 9.00 am (Paris/Brussels time) online to see our perspectives at HERA and also discuss with our speakers from Finland, New Zealand and the European Commission. Find out on the biodiversity and health perspectives, why is Lahti the EU Green Capital 2021 and discuss the Biodiversity strategy of the European Commission and we also welcome your questions. To secure your spot, register here!

Our Speakers

David Hayman

is professor of Infectious Disease Ecology at Massey University in New Zealand. David co-directs the Molecular Epidemiology and Public Health Group in the School of Veterinary Science and is a Royal Society Te Apārangi Rutherford Discovery Fellow. Professor started his career as a clinical veterinary surgeon in UK having worked with a broad range of domestic and wild animals including a number of critically endangered and flagship species. The experience led him to get a MSc. in Conservation Biology at the University of Kent in the UK, and a PhD at Cambridge. His multidisciplinary approaches were awarded by a number of fellowships and projects and transferred him to the US for further research exploring how are infectious diseases maintained within their hosts and how the process of emergence occurs. His research led him around the world exploring fruit bats in Ghana and US, but also infectious diseases in Uganda. His work in New Zealand explores how multi-disciplinary research can work to improve human and ecological health. Last year David co-authored #PandemicsReport: Escaping the Era of Pandemics that was published by Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) in end 2020 to give decision makers and governments options to prevent future pandemics and to public to learn that individuals can also make a difference.

Josefina Enfedaque

serves currently at the European Commission as a senior expert on biodiversity research. She manages programmes and policies at the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation since 2002. She currently oversees the development of the European Partnership on Biodiversity and Horizon Europe’s work programme for biodiversity research and nature-based solutions. Molecular microbiologist, naturalist, teacher and communicator, Josefina pursued a 10-year scientific research career in academia in Barcelona, London and Strasbourg before joining the Commission, and worked as international scientific relations manager at Almirall pharmaceuticals. Josefina has also worked in a local administration, NGO and has developed scientific communications and media products.

Saara Vauramo

is the Programme Director at the Lahti - European Green Capital 2021. Saara is Green city & urban planning enthusiast who holds a Ph.D. in environmental sciences. She has dedicated her career to sustainable urban development utilizing research, the latest digital technologies, strategic thinking, and transdisciplinary cooperation between business, political decision-makers, and citizens. She also served as Environmental Director of the City of Lahti (2016-2019) and on the Lahti City Council (2009-2012).

Webinar Moderator

Riikka Paloniemi

Head of Unit at the Environmental Policy Center of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and also co-leader of the workpackage 3 in the HERA project. Riikka and her multidisciplinary team at SYKE aim to create prerequisites for more sustainable behavior, policy and decision making. The group studies the behavior of individuals and groups, and opportunities and challenges including environmental justice and responsibility, everyday life, consumption and healthy lifestyles, as well as policies, institutions and practices relevant for sustainable behavior.