HERA : The future research agenda environment, climate and health nexus. Towards a better future

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The overall aim of the HERA project is to set the priorities for an environment, climate and health research agenda in the EU.

Research is expected to support decision-making at all levels and to help attaining the ultimate goals of protecting and improving ecosystem quality and human health.

Therefore, HERA partners and stakeholders will identify through holistic, systemic and inclusive approach both the environmental opportunities for health improvements, and the major environmental problems and challenges that need to be addressed urgently.

HERA vision

Consultations Stakeholders Research Twiter Draft Agenda

What will HERA do?

  • HERA connects environment, health and climate communities, sectors and policy areas for the interdisciplinary international research cooperation.
  • HERA carries out national, regional, and European consultations with researchers and all other relevant stakeholders to address environment, ecosystem quality, climate and health research needs and gaps.
  • HERA will create a midterm European Health and Environment Research Agenda 2020-2030 that will encourage development of targeted transdisciplinary research.

Work progress will be continuously shared with scientific community, policymakers, the public and other relevant stakeholders. 

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