Research for the Green Deal Webinars


A new series of webinars entitled "Research for the European Green Deal” was launched in spring 2021. In these webinars, we showcase and discuss the work that has been done with the HERA consortium on the EU Environment-Health-Climate Change research agenda, EU Research strategy related to environment and health and compare both with EU policies and strategies.

Webinars are online, in English and up to an hour-long. Access is free of charge. The audience can interact with speakers, ask questions and also check the recording after the webinar as well as the questions answered. We are also using discussion points to enrich the final outcome of the HERA project - the Environment, Health, Climate Change Research Agenda for Europe for 2020-2030.

All Interested stakeholders - researchers, policymakers, civil society representatives - not only from environment but health and climate communities, sectors and policy area are also cordially invited to register to individual webinars as shown below:

Calendar of Webinars:

We look forward to your active participation!

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