HERA Partners at the RECETOX Summer School (originally published 30th June 2021)

Traditional international summer school has been organized by the RECETOX, Masaryk University since June 2005. This year, the summer school held 21-25 June 2021 focused on the social determinants of health and explored Social and Environmental Epidemiology under the auspices of the R-Exposome Chair project and was supported by the RECETOX Research Infrastructure and by the Stockholm Convention Regional Centre. For the second time, the course was held exclusively online due to the travel restrictions imposed on all by the COVID-19. Online course offered researchers and students from anywhere across the globe to join the interesting talks and lively discussions. In all 227 participants from 46 countries joined the course, which covered a broad range of exciting topics whose main themes included “Environment and health,” “Influences on human health,” Health impacts of social factors,” and “Health, EU Green Deal & policymaking.” One of the course’s highlights was the lecture by Sir Michael Marmot titled “Social justice and health equity.” Professor Marmot, the current director of the UCL Institute for Health Equity and former president of the World Medical Association, is a world-leading expert in epidemiology. His lecture underscored the need to confront the social gradient in health and not just the difference between the worst off and everybody else when developing strategies for tackling health inequalities. Last but not least, five HERA consortium members also lectured in the summer school - Thank you Brigit Staatsen, Åke Bergman, Irina Zastenskaya, Lukáš Pokorný and Kateřina Šebková for raising the HERA profile and providing participants with approaches on improving wellbeing in cities, needs for interdisciplinary education, introduce new WHO tools for multiple exposure and introduce the HERA project.

Read more about the summer school here: https://www.recetox.muni.cz/en/about-us/events/recetox-summer-school/17th-recetox-summer-school-2021?fbclid=IwAR3O9FdEN4J3xpwajy5OQC9NHEJGuTNGvSIUA0rRH_5fW4bjpMu-LJb_qcw