Invitation to SEAs of Solutions 24-26 November 2020

International three day online meeting SEAs of Solutions 2020 (SOS 2020) is organized in Asia 24-26 November 2020. The meeting brings together stakeholders trying to solve plastic pollution at the source. The theme of SOS 2020 "Wasting less plastic and keeping it out of the ocean – Has the needle moved?" unites seekers and providers of market-transforming policy, business, and technology solutions, enabling networking among plastic value-chain stakeholders to facilitate information exchange, collaboration, and partnerships that result in reduced single-use plastic production, use of alternative packaging, and increased collection for recycling. International organizations such as UNEP, FAO, INTERPOL as well as governments in Asia and partnerships and large and small businesses will share their experience and activities in combatting plastic waste pollution. It is not to be missed if you are serious about tackling the waste pollution.

Major themes to be discussed:

• Challenges of managing COVID-19-related waste and ongoing efforts and multi-stakeholder responses and solutions, with a focus on reduction and recycling;

• Opportunities for transformation through footprint measurement, reporting, and disclosure, plastic neutrality and monetizing waste for communities and businesses;

• Available policies and incentives towards less plastic wasted through a deeper understanding of market perceptions and consumer behavior.

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Please note that the times of the conference are Bangkok time zone, so you need to deduce 6 hours to get to EU time zone.

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